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These simple things will improve your skin before you know it

Easy ways to make your skin look better

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I’ve mentioned before that I’m becoming a little cheap when it comes to my skin because I know that natural products can do as good of a job, if not better, then expensive store bought ones. Well I’m bringing it down a price level and looking at the free things to do to make your skin look its best.

My number one tip

Find out if you are eating, wearing or using anything that is affecting your skin. Treat that first. Some things to look for are acne, dark circles under your eyes (one of the causes for this is a sinus problem), or a yellowish hue to your skin (kidney and liver issues are some organs that can cause this). Wrinkles can be caused by using products too harsh for your skin.

The obvious tip: Drink lots of water, at least eight glasses a day.

We all know this, and…

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Styles from the Oscar’s best dressed women and men

Style tips from the Oscar’s best dressed

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IMG_20151107_162443 Walking the red carpet at the 2015 Canada’s Walk of Fame Awards ceremony

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post, but the 90th Annual Academy Award aired this past Sunday. Even though I don’t watch them (because truthfully, I’ve rarely seen a movie that has earned an award, let alone a nomination … well maybe a Razzie Award if it counts), I do like to see the red carpet looks. I found there were great looks this year, especially the men.

My picks for women’s best dressed

Some of the looks that stood out to me also made a lot of the best-dressed lists.

I loved Jennifer Garner’sblue Atelier Versace gown, color and style. I don’t even want to imagine what it cost!  (link: and have similar styles as shown below.

Oscars gown - Jennifer Garner options

Award winner Allison Janney wore two of my favorite things, red and…

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